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Have Fun with Friends at the Santa Monica Pier

September 03, 2018

Your trip to Los Angeles won’t be complete without a stop to the iconic Santa Monica Pier. The bright, lively pier has remained one of the most notable landmarks of Southern California since its formation, over 100 years ago. The original end of the famous Route 66 (you can still see the sign!), Santa Monica Pier remains a colorful and buzzing stop to welcome all to the west coast. With all its attractions, activities, and entertainment, you can easily spend an afternoon uncovering the hidden—and not-so-hidden—gems of the pier. Home to a popular amusement park, the Pier offers incredible views of the coast on the magnificent Ferris wheel and roller coaster. Or take a spin on the historic Carousel and dive into friendly competition in the arcade games. One of our favorite spots? Heal the Bay’s secret aquarium, tucked away underneath the Carousel building We’ll see you there!