Home Away From Home

At DKN Hotels, we strive to provide more than just a hotel room. We know guests are away from home and in a new, unfamiliar environment, so our goal is to ease the discomfort of travel in a bid to make guests feel genuinely at home. This means delivering an experience beyond that of a standard hotel and offering something outside the ordinary, something truly welcoming and exceptional. It means greeting each guest with open arms regardless of whether we have met him or her before. It means creating value for our guests by providing a true Home Away From Home.

The Home Away From Home is our hospitable way of inviting guests into “the experience” that is DKN Hotels. Whether it’s a welcome amenity to celebrate a special occasion, recreating a school band’s junior prom after finding out how devastated they were to miss it for a competition, providing comfort when a guest is in distress over an ill family member, or dressing up as Santa and passing out toys to celebrate the holidays, our teams endeavor to be the place you rest your head and the place that makes you feel comfortable and connected. We invite you to book your stay with us and really feel the difference at your Home Away From Home.